Welcome to Kennel Rust! Finally a PVE Rust server where you can meet friendly people, build what the heck you like and not have to worry about admin abuse.

In order to keep a minimum of control and provide a good gaming and fun experience, some rules have been created.

Anyone that joins our server agrees to the following rules:

- No raiding
- Do not put SAMs or Turrets outside your base, as they KILL players!
- Don't steal from other players
- Listen to the admins
- No exploits or cheats
- Do not use insults toward others
- [NEW] Please do not leave JPipes onto public quarries when you leave, or for more than 8 hours, whichever comes first; It's unfair for the other players...
- DO NOT Fight the heli in town. If heli destroys town because of you, you will be banned :(.

Like our server? Please contibute by donating, we are 100% community funded..